My Big-Ass 2014

Last year, in reflecting upon 2013, I wrote, in part:

As we inch ever closer to completing yet another full orbit around the sun, I excitedly look towards 2014 with great enthusiasm.


I hope to ride into the new year with the same momentum that’s carried me this far. My wish is to successfully continue doing what I’m doing, and for even better things happen this year than last.

I’m happy to report that 2014 was, indeed even better than the year prior. I feel like I grew exponentially over the last twelve months, both professionally and especially personally.


‘The Magazine’ Ceasing Publication December 17

Publisher and EIC, Glenn Fleishman, writes in the announcement:

The Magazine will stop publishing its every-other-week issues on December 17, 2014, cancel all outstanding subscriptions, and automatically provide pro-rated refunds (either through Apple or directly) for subscriptions that continue past December 31, 2014. (We will be in touch directly with Kickstarter backers who subscribed via our Year One book campaign.)

We will continue to make the app available as well as our Web site for the indefinite future, and you’ll have access to any issues you purchased or that appeared during subscriptions.


On Robin Williams and Mental Illness

Rebecca Ruiz for Mashable, “Finally, We’re Talking About Mental Illness Like Adults”:

For some, Williams’ death has served as a painful trigger and reminder of their own struggles. Those emotions only intensified on Tuesday when the coroner assigned to the case released graphic details about the nature of Williams’ suicide. Many believed this unnecessary information tested the public’s breaking point regarding Williams’ death.


‘Finding Your Fanatics’

Shawn Blanc, on finding your audience and how your audience finds you:

Your brand is also important. I’m not talking about logo marks here, I’m talking about your reputation. How do people perceive you (as professional or amateur; friendly or angsty; humble or self-centered; etc.)? What topic or subject people do people connect to you (design, development, typography, photography, etc.)?

Your content and your brand are summed up as being what you make and who you are. This is true for the individual, the small business, and the large corporation. And over time the two become deeply intertwined. What you make represents who you are, and who you are fuels what you make. Your brand and your content become one and the same.


On the WWDC 2014 Keynote

Consider this piece to be a “touchy-feely” take on yesterday's WWDC 2014 keynote.

I had the opportunity to attend the event live and in person for the first time. It was such an exciting experience — I could barely sleep the night before, I was so stoked — and definitely one that I'll never forget 1. As someone who had faithfully watched each and every Apple event prior to yesterday's from home, the fact that I was actually there, sitting in Moscone West with thousands of others, to witness Craig Federighi announce Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 was equal parts thrilling and surreal. As I said, an experience I'll never forget.


‘Working From Home’

Matt Gemmell offers advice for getting the best out of working from home:

It’s not just as straightforward as pulling out a laptop in the living room, though. Working from home has a number of difficulties and challenges. In many ways, it’s a battle for mastery of yourself. I’d like to talk about a few of the issues I’ve faced, and how I handle them.


My First Mac

A lot of people are writing about their first Mac, so why not me too?

My first Mac — the very one I’m sitting in front of as I type this — is this one:

Screen Shot 2014 01 25 at 1 18 36 PM

My first Mac is the same Mac that I bought almost 6 years ago, in October 2008. It was among the first aluminum unibody Macs, the design of which is still seen today in the MacBook Pros. (In fact, Apple added the “Pro” surname to the MacBook in 2009.) The aluminum MacBook was introduced at a special event on Apple’s campus, which also happened to be the one and only instance when — to my knowledge, anyway — Jony Ive spoke publicly.


2013: The Year When My Low Self-Esteem Rose to An All-Time High

Earlier tonight, I was listening to this week’s episode of CMD+Space, in which host Myke Hurley was chatting with guest Glenn Fleishman about, among other things, the Kickstarter project for his digital periodical, The Magazine. I tweeted that not only did I back Glenn’s project as a show of support for indie journalism, but also because The Magazine is, to me, rooted deeply in my heart with lots of warm and fuzzy feelings.


Tim Cook Talks Accessibility

In accepting Auburn’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Apple’s CEO says:

[P]eople with disabilities often find themselves in a struggle to have their human dignity acknowledged; they’re frequently left in the shadows of technological advancements that are a source of empowerment and attainment for others. But Apple’s engineers pushed back against this unacceptable reality; they go to extraordinary lengths to make our products accessible to people with various disabilities from blindness and deafness, to various muscular disorders.

Cook’s mention of accessibility starts at the 4:35 mark of the video.


‘Become a Hero’

Stephen Hackett writes about St. Jude and his son’s battle with cancer:

A week from today, tens of thousands of people from around the world will run races, winding across the city of Memphis to raise money for St. Jude.

Over the past four and a half years, the hospital has spent millions on my son’s treatment. He’s had four brain operations, 18 rounds of chemotherapy, over a dozen MRIs, countless CT scans and is still undergoing weekly rehabilitation services.