‘Accessibility Features on iOS’

Shawn Blanc was kind enough to let me write a piece for his new site, The Sweet Setup. In my article, published this morning, I discuss the best iOS Accessibility features for everyone. Accessibility software isn’t just for those with special needs, and I talk about four options in iOS that can benefit the fully-abled just as well.

My thanks to Shawn for having me; it was a fun piece to write, and came out great.

‘Just a Toy’

My latest piece for Tech.pinions was published this morning. Inspired by this photo I took, I talk about why Microsoft’s Surface ads are terribly misguided, and why the iPad is far more than “just a toy”.

The New and Improved @stevensblog_org

Since moving Steven’s Blog to a self-hosted WordPress setup two years ago, the site has had a companion Twitter account. In the past, I used to manually cross-post links to posts — like an animal — from my personal account to the site’s. Unfortunately, that got old fast, and I eventually stopped cross-posting altogether. As of this writing, the last tweet was over 5 months ago, in August 2013.

That changes tonight. Besides creating a new logo for the site’s Twitter avatar, I set up a plug-in in the WordPress CMS that will automatically tweet new blog posts from the site’s account as they’re published. If you follow the account on Twitter, you should see a tweet for this post.


‘Why the iPhone 5S is a Terrific Accessibility Tool’

My newest article for Macworld was published this morning. In it, I discuss the reasons why the iPhone 5S is a terrific accessibility tool. Accessibility isn’t just applicable to software.

Thank You

With 2014 a few hours away — at least here on the west coast — I wanted to thank you, my readers, for a terrific 2013 here on Steven’s Blog.


Issue 16 of ‘The Loop Magazine’ Includes Yours Truly

The new issue of The Loop Magazine went out this morning, with articles by Brianna Wu, Matt Gemmell, Matt Dusenbury, Seamus Bellamy, and myself. In my piece, entitled “How I Learned to Love Subscription-Based Music”, I talk about how I embraced subscription music services — namely Rdio — after so many years of buying music on iTunes.

I’m particularly happy with how this one turned out. My thanks to Jim for having me yet again.

‘Making the Case for Better Document Management on iOS’

In my newest piece for Tech.pinions, I advocate for better document handling in iOS. More specifically, I outline how a dedicated iCloud Documents app would go a long way in improving the experience of displaying and managing documents across the system.

I think this article came out great. My thanks to Ben Bajarin for having me yet again.

Pulling The String 08: Re-Enabled with Steven Aquino

My pal Ben Alexander was kind enough to invite me on his podcast, Pulling The String, and we recorded the episode Monday afternoon. We discussed iOS 7 accessibility, The Magazine, developers being dicks to each other, and more.

On a personal level, given how insecure I am about my stutter, it was a big deal for me to agree to be on. For being a first-time podcaster, I think I did pretty great considering how nervous I was, and I had a blast doing it. I’m very proud of pushing myself, and I appreciate Ben having me on.


‘Apple’s iPhone 5S Case’

Last night, in a fit of boredom, I decided to take to Medium and write a review of Apple’s iPhone 5S case. In short, I like it but taking it off sucks. Check it out!

‘Buttons in iOS 7 Aren’t Good’

Last week, I was invited to join Dustin Curtis’s Svbtle blogging network. Today, I used my first post to explain why iOS 7′s button design doesn’t really work for me. Check it out!