Thank You

On the heels of yesterday’s post, I wanted to use this, the first post of 2015, to thank everyone for supporting the site.

Steven’s Blog is truly a labor of love for me. It makes me zero money and has few RSS subscribers, yet my blog is an important part of my “brand” and online identity. Though the number of long-form posts here have dropped off as my freelancing career has continued to make big strides, I remain committed to posting here everyday — not only for my readership, but also for myself. Writing and keeping the lights on here is therapeutic for me, and helps keep my writing skills, technically speaking, sharp. Put another way, while Steven’s Blog will never reach Daring Fireball heights, it is nonetheless big and important in its own, unique way. And that’s OK.


‘Apple Watch, WatchKit, and Accessibility’

In my latest for iMore, I discuss what WatchKit might mean for accessibility.

‘Apple Pay: Inclusive and Empowering By Design’

My friends at iMore today published my latest piece for the site. In it, I elaborate on my thoughts regarding Apple Pay’s accessibility merit.

‘iOS 8, Accessibility, and Third-Party Keyboards’

In my latest for MacStories, published this afternoon, I write about third-party keyboards in iOS 8. They’re good — particularly for accessibility — but they’re not without problems.

My Sweet iPhone Setup

My friends at The Sweet Setup let me write about whats on my new iPhone 6.

‘Making the App Store More Accessible’

My latest for iMore, published earlier tonight, is a short piece wherein I discuss the App Store and accessibility — specifically, its visual merits. As I say in the article, I’m genuinely surprised at how I neglected to touch on this in my writing before now.

‘What I Make Is Caring About Accessibility’

Jason Snell, fresh off leaving Macworld, was kind enough to let me write a short piece for his new site, Six Colors. In it, I talk about my experiences at this year’s just-completed XOXO Festival in Portland, OR.

Incidentally, I got a chance to meet Jason at XOXO, which was a real thrill. He’s a great guy and it’s great knowing he admires and appreciates my work.

Looking at Accessibility in iOS 8

In my latest for MacStories, I contribute to the site’s exhaustive coverage of iOS 8 by writing a piece wherein I share my impressions of some of iOS 8’s Accessibility features and little touches.

‘Apple Leads In Accessibility, But Can Third-Party Developers Follow?’

For my first piece for TechCrunch, published this afternoon, I discuss the accessibility of third-party apps on the iOS App Store. Developers should follow Apple’s lead in embracing accessibility in their apps, but it isn’t as simple as adding VoiceOver support.

‘Hardware: The Often Overlooked Aspect of Accessibility’

In my first piece as a regular contributor to iMore, published last night, I talk about the role hardware plays in assessing the accessibility of iOS devices. Software gets all the glory — rightfully so — but we shouldn’t overlook hardware. It’s just as important to consider.