Looking at Accessibility in iOS 8

In my latest for MacStories, I contribute to the site’s exhaustive coverage of iOS 8 by writing a piece wherein I share my impressions of some of iOS 8′s Accessibility features and little touches.

‘Apple Leads In Accessibility, But Can Third-Party Developers Follow?’

For my first piece for TechCrunch, published this afternoon, I discuss the accessibility of third-party apps on the iOS App Store. Developers should follow Apple’s lead in embracing accessibility in their apps, but it isn’t as simple as adding VoiceOver support.

‘Hardware: The Often Overlooked Aspect of Accessibility’

In my first piece as a regular contributor to iMore, published last night, I talk about the role hardware plays in assessing the accessibility of iOS devices. Software gets all the glory — rightfully so — but we shouldn’t overlook hardware. It’s just as important to consider.

Yours Truly in ‘Taking Control of Podcasting’

I’m late in linking to this, but I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Andy Affleck for a profile in the third edition of his book, Taking Control of Podcasting on the Mac. In it, I discuss the tools with which I use to record Accessible, and how I came to doing the show.

‘An Overview of iOS 8′s New Accessibility Features’

I was honored to work with Federico Viticci in putting together this piece for MacStories.

‘iOS 8 Changes We’d Like to See: Accessibility’

My latest piece for Macworld, published early this morning. In it, I break down the Accessibility features I’d like to see Apple add in iOS 8.

‘Accessibility Features on iOS’

Shawn Blanc was kind enough to let me write a piece for his new site, The Sweet Setup. In my article, published this morning, I discuss the best iOS Accessibility features for everyone. Accessibility software isn’t just for those with special needs, and I talk about four options in iOS that can benefit the fully-abled just as well.

My thanks to Shawn for having me; it was a fun piece to write, and came out great.

‘Just a Toy’

My latest piece for Tech.pinions was published this morning. Inspired by this photo I took, I talk about why Microsoft’s Surface ads are terribly misguided, and why the iPad is far more than “just a toy”.

The New and Improved @stevensblog_org

Since moving Steven’s Blog to a self-hosted WordPress setup two years ago, the site has had a companion Twitter account. In the past, I used to manually cross-post links to posts — like an animal — from my personal account to the site’s. Unfortunately, that got old fast, and I eventually stopped cross-posting altogether. As of this writing, the last tweet was over 5 months ago, in August 2013.

That changes tonight. Besides creating a new logo for the site’s Twitter avatar, I set up a plug-in in the WordPress CMS that will automatically tweet new blog posts from the site’s account as they’re published. If you follow the account on Twitter, you should see a tweet for this post.


‘Why the iPhone 5S is a Terrific Accessibility Tool’

My newest article for Macworld was published this morning. In it, I discuss the reasons why the iPhone 5S is a terrific accessibility tool. Accessibility isn’t just applicable to software.