Hi. My name’s Steven. Thanks for visiting my (very) little corner of the Internet!

Here, you’ll learn a little about me, how the site works, and how to stay connected.


I’m a 32-year-old geek based in San Francisco, CA. I enjoy technology, sports, music, food & cooking, and classic film, among other things. My political ideologies are decidedly left-leaning, I’m not well-traveled, and I hate cilantro with the fire of a thousand suns. I’m fluent in American Sign Language, not adverse to using semicolons. and a connoisseur of fine sarcasm. I check Facebook and Twitter a lot. I’m a part-time college student (trying to complete my AA degree in Early Childhood Studies before contemplating the next step) and a cat person. I like anchovies, podcasts, and sleeping in.

Beyond my writing here, I’m also a freelance technology writer. I am a contributor to The Magazine, Macworld, TidBITS, Tech.pinions, The Loop Magazine, and more. My work has been linked to on Apple’s Hot News page, the Tom Bihn blog, and the Day One Uses Guide page. You can see a full, up-to-date list of all my freelance work from around the Internet here.

Prior to venturing into the world of for-profit, professional writing, I spent 11 years working for for my local school district as a classroom aide to preschoolers with special needs.


Steven’s Blog is written and produced solely by me. This is the place where I write and share.

The blog was created in February 2010 via It’s gone through a name change, several themes, switched hosts, and doesn’t generate a whole lot of traffic. Posts cover a variety of my interests, including sports, politics, and food. There are two types of posts: articles and link posts. Articles are my longer pieces on assorted topics. Link posts are links to articles (with pull quote) from various places around the Web. These are not true Daring Fireball-style "link list" posts in that the title of the post does not take the reader away from this site. Instead, each post has its own title, and I’ll add a short blurb with my comments. Usually, I’ll find these linked to by someone else, so proper attribution will always be given (by way of a "via" link) at the bottom of the post.


My main machine is a Late 2008 aluminum unibody 13-inch MacBook running the latest version of OS X Yosemite. I use a 64GB silver iPhone 6 and a 64GB LTE iPad Air, the latter of which is equipped with a Incase Origami Workstation. I post on the go using a blogging app called Poster. Posts are written in Markdown and published using MarsEdit. The site is hosted by Media Temple on a (gs) Grid Service server, and uses for site analytics. The site runs on a customized Minimum theme by StudioPress. The fonts used on the site are provided by Typekit. Body copy text and navigation is set in Open Sans, with headlines set in Bebas Neue.


Accessible is a weekly podcast I co-host with my pal Ben Alexander. We describe the show thusly:

Accessible is a podcast exploring accessibility issues in iOS and other modern computing platforms. Accessible is a weekly discusson that focuses on accessibility but views the subject holistically, seeking to bring a variety of viewpoints, guests and ideas to the table.

We record the show every Thursday afternoon. You can subscribe via iTunes here.


You can follow along with Steven’s Blog via Twitter and/or RSS. Also, you can contact me via email. For information on how to stay connected with the site, click here.