On Comments

Readers may notice Steven’s Blog is missing something customary to most other blogs: a comments section.

That’s because I hate comments. I hate them for two reasons:

  1. They’re annoying to have to moderate; and
  2. More often than not, they’re derogatory in nature and immaterial in context.

Actually, there’s a third reason: this site is my soapbox. This site is supposed to represent my voice and my frame of mind. What I write here is not beholden to anyone, and I don’t write looking for validation or approval from anyone. If you like my work, great; I appreciate it. If not, you’re free to stop reading and quit visiting the site. The bottom line is what’s posted here is done so for my own self-interest and emotional well being. The site is not meant to act as a discussion forum where I have to police other people’s irrelevant and misguided pissing contests.

MG Siegler has a great take on blog comments:

Here’s the thing: while some try to paint comments as a form of democracy, that’s bullshit. 99.9% of comments are bile. I’ve heard the counter arguments about how you need to curate and manage your comments — okay, I’m doing that by not allowing any.

This isn’t to say I don’t welcome feedback — to the contrary, I definitely welcome conversation. All I’m saying that is that there’ll be no discourse here. Instead, if you’ve got praise or scorn to share regarding something I’ve written, email me with it. Better yet, post a response to your own site and send me the link. Better for discussion to happen off-site than on-site, I say.