Look At Me, which is now available on Google Play, was developed by doctors and professors from Seoul National University Bundag Hospital and Yonsei University Department of Psychology. The app uses photos, facial recognition tech, and a series of games to help kids read emotions and communicate with other people. The team behind Look At Me conducted a clinical trial with 20 children for eight weeks, and claim that 60 percent of kids tested showed improvement in making eye contact.
Reading this story, I’m reminded of my years with the preschoolers while working for the school district. Much of my time was spent with children on the autism spectrum, and I was trained in several teaching methodologies created specifically for the autistic. The “look at me” prompt is a cornerstone of applied behavior analysis (ABA), which is a key part of the curriculum in autism-only classrooms. More than anything, the “look at me” prompt is what I remember about doing ABA with my students, because it’s the first thing you say to grab attention and introduce an activity.


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